Friday, 14 February 2014


New Years Resolutions

Ok, it’s February and how many of us confess to already breaking our New Years Resolutions (made just over a month and a half ago)?  Statistics say that at least half of all resolutions will have fallen by the wayside and, possibly more, if yours involved a resolution to get fit or loose weight.  The reason for this is because many people opt to try and loose weight with no real strategy as to how to go about it (other than “eat healthily”).  Furthermore, many New Years Resolution-ers overlook the importance of a good support system, a place you can fall back on during those moments of weakness (which are perfectly normal when trying to change a pattern of behaviour).

The good news is it’s not too late to turn your New Year promises around and succeed in actually fulfilling a resolution. Introducing the Forever Nutri-Lean Programme, which is different from other weight loss programmes because it focuses first on nutritional cleansing, then weight loss and then weight maintenance.  It’s this weight maintenance that makes the programme different from other yo-yo diets, as well as the cleansing step that will have your body in good condition to burn fat cells even before you start the weight loss challenge.  The programme works in two steps:

Step 1 - Clean 9

Clean 9 puts you on the path to a cleaner, healthier, happier you, whilst cleansing your body of unnatural chemicals.

Step 2 - Forever Nutri-Lean

Forever Nutri-Lean will continue to aid in your body’s natural cleansing process, while burning your stored fat cells, and teaching you how to achieve and maintain your desired weight. Remaining committed to completing this programme will help you develop good habits for life-long weight management and overall improved health.

Of course, what is important is that you continually feel motivated and we can ensure you of lots of ways in which this motivation will come about.  Firstly, the healthier body you will have, within just 9 days of the Clean 9 programme, will encourage you to “stick with it” since you will have increased energy levels, as well as feeling more positive mentally.  Secondly, as part of the programme, you have access to a whole support system including BMI trackers, calorie counters, recipes and, perhaps, more importantly, success stories.  Yes, view the archives of those who have gone before you and see what they say about their healthier body, and mind, and take pleasure from their before and after photos (you’ll soon be adding yours).

Don’t wait until next January to discover a programme that makes it easy for you to stick to a New Years Resolution you can actually keep.  Make 2014 a year that you keep that promise to your body!

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